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I have a confession to make: I am addicted to fabric. I’ve always had phases of being passionate about things: Leonardo Dicaprio, Buffy, Aardman films, honey, bookmarks, notebooks etc. Some of them lasted only a few months, while others are still with me, only a bit less passionate. But the thing that I believe will stay with me for a very very long time is fabric.

The thing about fabric is that it represents two of my favourite things: illustration and sewing material. I’ve always been a firm believer of art with a purpose, and I feel like fabric is the everyday art material that everyone can use.

I fall in love with some collections. Sometimes I have a project that needs fabric. Sometimes I find fabric and I need a project. The issue is that I now have too much fabric and not enough time to use them all, but that doesn’t stop me from looking at new collections.

I also love making bespoke orders, so knowing the fabrics available is really important. In my recent search, I have listed all the ones I would love to use. The styles are different but they’re all cottons, either good for clothes, accessories or light upholstery like tipis. Here are my top 6 for May.

Boho Meadow



Boho Meadow is one of those ethnic collections that you want to use everywhere. It has bears, foxes, owls, squirrels, lots of feathers and lots of flowers. It’s great for boys and girls, it mixes mirrored repeats with seemingly random ones and is full of life. I say it’s perfect for a tipi where the meadow scene could be used for the door and the Boho on mustard on the top sections. The smaller pattern of geometric on teal is great for ties and if you feel like

View the full collection on Dashwood Studio's website.



For a beach bag or summer dress, you could go with Rifle Paper Co’s new fabric collection. So far, they’ve given us an amazing collection every year. I have used Ménagerie for my girl’s tipi and the Alice in Wonderland collection for a Christmas gift for my mum. Their collections are always super colourful and they clearly love flowers. I have to say my favourites are Herb Garden in Navy and Sun Girls in Coral. If you’ve seen Cath Kidston’s ice-cream dress, you’ll agree that Sun Girls would go perfectly as a little bag to wear with it.

View the full collection on Cotton+Steel's website.

Peter Pan



Sarah Jane is an illustrator who loves childhood and all its memories and her work always reflects that. She has this beautiful watercolour technique, using colours in a delicate way. I have bought a few fabrics from her in the past, the most recent being these to make a dress and a romper. This summer she is releasing a Peter Pan collection with Michael Miller fabrics and I can’t wait for this one to be available. It has all the elements we love from the story and also offers a border pattern which I find amazing on dresses, curtains or any other vertical make.

View the full collection on Michael Miller Fabrics' website.

Paper Cuts


Paper cuts seem to be getting more and more popular. It’s a type of illustration that I’ve always loved: cutting all the elements and arranging them on the page, changing and changing again. The size of the elements define how detailed a shape is going to be and you always end up with characteristic sharp angles. So I love the geometry in the well-named Paper Cuts by Rashida Coleman-Hale for Cotton+Steel. My favourites are Shape Up Peachy and Startstruck Teal. What Cotton+ Steel does a lot in its collection is using unbleached cotton, which gives all its patterns a vintage and natural feel.

View the full collection on Cotton+Steel's website.



Chieveley is a collection from Lewis & Irene that I’ve discovered a while ago but haven’t found the project yet. Getting fabrics with metallic print isn’t that common and the modern-medieval style of this collection is a great subject for that. It has a light William Morris connotation. I used Peacock & Pear in blue for a neck warmer. Peacock feather on cream feels so luxurious and would make an incredible throw or pillow on a sofa.

View the full collection on Lewis & Irene's website.



Finally, Seregenti is a collection from Dashwood Studio which has a palette of deep warm colours. It is presented as a Safari collection but to me it feels like a peaceful and hot day back in the time of Pharaohs. Leopards on pink/nude is delightful and Flowers on Spruce has a beautiful deep background colour.

View the full collection on Dashwood Studio's website.

There you are, you have my favourite fabrics for May! Which ones are you favourite in this list? Leave us a comment to share your preference and let us know if some should be on the list as well.

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