Pompom du Monde opens today!

Hi and welcome! This is a big day for me and for this little brand: today marks the opening of the shop! I can’t quite describe how excited I feel about this.

opening image 1

(Above: my first test print of Confetti Rain and the gold labels)

Ok, it’s been a hell lot of work and frankly I don’t really know what weekends are for at the moment, but it’s been worth it. To see all the products I’ve created being available to you means so much to me. It’s years of learning & trying and of gathering the confidence to go for it. Even today I still feel like a novice but I also know that I am doing the best I can to offer you great products and make your life and the life of your kids a little bit brighter every day. If I have succeeded in doing that, then I’m a happy mama.

opening image 2

(Above: one of the many nights working on perfecting the patterns)

I created this brand because I wanted to offer toddlers and children a universe full of colours and spirit. My projects for the future of this brands are big but for now the most important is to provide the best service possible to my first customers. That’s why I have personally worked on every aspect of the brand and I really hope that you will feel well looked after whether it’s before, during or after your purchase.

opening image 3

(Above: my daughter was the first person to test the cape, and she enjoyed it!)

If you are looking for something that is slightly different to what is in the shop, don’t think that it can’t be done. I have plenty of ideas of make and currently don’t have enough hands to make them fast enough! But if you want something special, you can contact me and we can work it out to create the perfect product for your needs.

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