We are in Mollie Makes

What a great end of week it's been! The latest issue of Mollie Makes came out and we are in it! This is the very first feature of the shop in such a popular magazine. I mean, they have over 140K followers on Instagram and almost as many on Facebook. So now we are officially...







A little bit about the magazine:

Mollie Makes is a lifestyle magazine for those who live creatively. They bring the latest crafting trends, tutorials, paper goodness and more. What I love about it is that it's not only about sewing, or knitting, or crochet, or home decor. It's everything. They share latest design styles, insider tips and give people so many ideas to live a creative life. The magazine itself is so nicely designed: it feels crafted by hand with plenty of colours and handmade fonts. Basically, reading it makes me happy.





So after sending a press release to quite a few UK magazines, I was delighted to have them getting back to me. I patiently waited for weeks to see what the feature would look like and even with my husband going "oh, I thought it would be bigger" (size matters so much to men hahaha) I knew that this was a big achievement for the business. This is the first time that we appear on such a popular platform and it's definitely something to be proud of.

They have selected 2 of my own prints with images of the Confetti Rain Pixie bonnet and the Icarus crown. Liberty Sky High cape is also there and it's such a striking outfit when you see it and wear it.

I apologise if this post is about blowing my own trumpet, but if you are passionate about your job, you will understand! And if you have a small business like mine, do not hesitate to contact magazines. What's the worst that could happen?


pompom du monde is in mollie makes

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