Our Story


"There's nothing quite like dreaming of an imaginary world and being able to make it real. I have written so many stories and drawn my way into those worlds that the only possibility left to me was to make them for others, and hope that the magic spreads."

Pompom du Monde was born out of passion for imaginative outfits and creative pretend play. Our aim is to give your children the tools to turn their imagination into real adventures. We hope that our brand becomes part of your favourite playtime or make your special occasions magical.

The tale of the woman, the designer and the mother

There once was a girl with a big imagination who would spend hours writing and drawing in her bedroom. Her dolls would have extraordinary adventures, she would give herself a pen name, make collages of her favourite books and keep it all secretly hidden under her bed. 

As this girl grew up, she wanted to find her art. So she learnt about art history, graphic design, fashion and illustration. She would never settle for one thing but explore the world. She became a graphic designer, hoping that she would be able to express herself that way. And for years that worked. 

Until she welcomed her first daughter, and she wanted more of it. She wanted to tell her own stories and use her own voice. So she created Pompom du Monde. She didn't know about it at first. There were capes for grown-ups then came the desire for mini ones too. There were lots of sewing patterns, birthday invites and paint pots around the house. But deep down the mother knew there was more to do, but she had to take a step into the unknown.

My name is Pascaline. I am a designer, a mom and a wife. I am the founder of Pompom du Monde and despite launching in 2018, I feel like this brand has been with me all my life, only hidden in my imagination. Now I welcome you in my creative universe and I hope that you will enjoy the magic within.

Whatever I do, it's the words of the customers that allow me to feel that the magic works. So the review from Marta feel so precious to me, as would do yours.


Embracing the world's possibilities

At Pompom du Monde, we always thrive for high quality products and materials. Our exclusive prints are printed in Berlin, Germany whilst our velvets and Liberty prints are made in the UK. All our designs are drawn and made in our workshop in Birmingham. 

We care about the environment, so we use recycled and sustainable materials anywhere we can. Please make sure that you recycle or reuse all packagings. And if your child has grown out of his cape and accessories, consider giving it away, you'll make another child so happy!